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Using the Noxturnal App in an Online Recording (Noxturnal 5.1)

With the release of Noxturnal 5.1 and the release of the Noxturnal App v. a new concept is introduced for simplifying the workflow for sleep techs during an online recording.

The following information is a step by step introduction on how the Noxturnal App can be used in online recordings in Noxturnal versions 5.1 and up.

1. Configure Recording

Previously to this step the user should have set up an online room. 

Click Configure Recording in the Online Recording section on the recording page.

Select the applicable recording types depending on what devices you want to use for the recording.

Click Next >.

Enter in the patient information and click Standby.

The Standby Mode is introduced in Noxturnal 5.1 and is setup in a way to support for an effective workflow using the Noxturnal App.

When the user clicks the Standby Mode and the Noxturnal workspace is opened and this message is displayed.

The recording has been set to Standby Mode and does not do anything until you connect with the Noxturnal App.

2. Preparing the patient with the Noxturnal App

Open the Noxturnal App and make sure it is set to Online Mode.

If it has for some reason been opened in ambulatory mode you can select the settings icon in the top right corner.

Select the App Mode

And select Online Mode


The Noxturnal App is continuously scanning for online room setups and they are all listed on the tablet with status information.

They are either in a Recording, Not Prepared or in Standby modes. The recording that we configured in step 1 is currently in Standby Mode an we want to connect to that recording in order to do patient hook up, impedance check and bio-calibration in the Noxturnal App. There two ways to connect to the Online Room:

1. If the Android device that you are using has a NFC (Near Field communication) tag it is possible to hover the tablet over the Nox C1 Access Point logo and it automatically connects to the room.


2. Click the Room from the list of available devices in the Noxturnal App

When the connection is starting the Noxturnal App will instruct you to turn on the Nox A1 recorder.

and the Noxturnal software indicates that a connection has been made to the Noxturnal App and a connection is being made to the Nox A1 device.

The Noxturnal app has also an indication on its end that it is starting a connection. This step may take some time.

When the connection has been established this sensor view is opened in the Noxturnal App.

Since the configuration has already been done in the Noxturnal software the Patient and Config tabs are grayed out and the user will not be able to make any modifications to them.

In the Noxturnal software a Preview view will start running and the signals start streaming from the Nox A1 but nothing will record until the recording will be started from the Noxturnal App. The Preview is implied by the fact that the user is not able to access any function in the Noxturnal workspace and by the rec button on the top of the page is stating Preview.

On the Sensor tab the user can evaluate the connectivity of each sensor that is applied to the patient. If colored green they are connected but red means that they are not connected.

For closer inspection of EEG electrodes an impedance check can be performed by clicking the head icon in the bottom left corner.

This is the view that is displayed if you start the impedance check.

The colors that underline the EEG leads are the corresponding colors on the EEG head cable leads. The color of the circles indicate the quality of the connections. Green is good, yellow is fair, red is bad and black is not connected.

When doing the Bio Calibration the recording needs to be started and the user is instructed to start the recording before the Bio calibration can be started.

Every Bio calibration event that is scored in the app will be simultaneously scored on the online recording in the Noxturnal Software.

And the corresponding event is scored within the online recording in the Noxturnal software.

In order to confirm that all signals look as expected the user can open the Traces tab where the overview of the signal stream can be evaluated.


3. Disconnecting and Continuous Monitoring

When the user has confirmed that the hook-up and evaluation was successful he can choose to only disconnect from the device and the online recording will continue. The disconnect icon can be found on the right top of the page.

Or if the hook-up was being done a few hours before the patient goes to sleep the user can stop the recording with the recording button in the top right corner.

And then disconnect the app from the system.

This option will set the system back to Standby Mode ensuring that the A1 will shutdown and save battery until the recording should start.

The recording can be started either by using the app or start from the Noxturnal Software.

During an online recording the user can always connect and view the signals and sensor connections when they are in range of a Bluetooth® signal coming from the Online Room. If the Noxturnal App goes out of range to the app will display like this.


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