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Explaining the PAP report and PSG PAP report

The PAP sections in the reports contain three different tables that are filled in based on information gathered from different PAP signals.

PAP overview table

The PAP Overview table in Noxturnal 5.1. evaluates the above parameters of the Set Pressure signal. Previous versions of Noxturnal have used the PAP pressure signal group.

There are two Set Pressure signals (both part of the signal group “PAP Set Pressure”):

  • SetPressure-FlowGenerator (derived from the FlowGenerator ... e.g. via TxLink)
  • SetPressure-Mask (derived from the pressure transducer of T3 / A1)

By default, the Set Pressure from the flow generator is preferably used if available. The average pressure is calculated for both inspiratory and expiratory pressure when using BiPAP and ViPAP devices.

PAP titration table:

The PAP titration table can be either defined as summary table or sequence table. The default report uses the summary table which means that each pressure set is reported as cumulation of all its periods (in contrast to the sequence table where each setting change comes with a new report row).

Generally, the table reports count on various events from the patient recording during different pressure settings on the PAP device to adjust the PAP device for the patient. Each row represents the statistics from the time from where the listed pressure is set until the pressure is increased to the next level. The PAP titration table takes in by default the Set Pressure signal coming in from the PAP device.

Each row is either based on a given pressure level (CPAP - Pressure) or a pair of pressure levels (BiPAP – IPAP/EPAP) depending on the settings of the device, see figure.

If the user adds a manual CPAP/BiPAP event into the recording it will overwrite the automatic detection of the Set Pressure table and will not display any other pressure levels into the table.

This figure displays a manually scored CPAP event and the pressure set at 16cm H2O.

The corresponding PAP Titration table is generated when the report is generated

Leak information table

The leak information table is summarizing information from the Leak signal that is measured by the PAP device.

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