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Connecting to the Nox W7 Link

Learn how to connect your Nox T3 to a Nox W7 Link and measure data from auxiliary devices.

Note: Support for Nox W7 Link is discontinued in Noxturnal versions 6.0 and up.

Following are instructions on how to establish a Bluetooth connection between the Nox T3 and a Nox W7 Link. The pairing is done once you have completed the configuration in Noxturnal and connected the auxiliary device to the Nox W7 Link. The configuration is dependent on the auxiliary device you are using.The Nox T3 is able to communicate with auxiliary devices over a Bluetooth® link with the Nox W7 Link. Information on which auxiliary devices and to connect them can be found here. For more information also refer to the user instructions for use accompanying the Nox W7 Link package regarding the types of auxiliary devices that have been validated with the Nox T3.

The pairing of the Nox T3 and the W7 Link is similar to the pairing process of the Nox T3 and the oximeter. In order to successfully pair the Nox T3 and the Nox W7 Link, please follow these steps carefully:

Step 1. Inserting Batteries and plugging the Nox W7 Link

Start by inserting fresh/fully charged batteries in the Nox T3 recorder and make sure the W7 Link is connected to the applicable auxiliary device as instructed in user instructions accompanying the Nox W7 Link Kits. 

Step 2. Turning on the Nox T3 

Turn on the Nox T3 recorder by pressing the Middle button. Hold the Middle button until you see the screen turning on. Then press the Right button until you see the message “Connecting to” and the serial number (SN) of the W7 Link displayed on the Nox T3 recorder. Note that the W7 Link SN is 9 digits and can be found on the label of the Nox W7 Link.


Make sure that the displayed 9 digit SN is the one on the W7 Link. The Nox T3 will now program the Nox W7 Link: 




A checkmark on the Nox T3 signifies a successful and a correct pairing of the Nox T3 and the Nox W7 Link: 



If more than one auxiliary Bluetooth devices are connected to the T3 e.g. an oximeter and an auxiliary device connected via W7 - Link, the same steps are performed as described above, except that a connection for both BT devices needs to be verified instead of only one. 

If you have an oximeter and one BT device in addition connected via W7 - Link, then follow these steps: 

  • Push the right arrow button on the Nox T3 once in order to verify the oximeter's PIN address
  • Push the right arrow button once again on the Nox T3 in order to verify the W7 - Link SN
  • Wait until a checkmark is displayed on the Nox T3 for both the oximeter and the W7 - Link

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