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How to Upgrade Noxturnal Using the Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard


This service bulletin explains how to perform a Noxturnal upgrade from Noxturnal versions 3.x and 4.x to Noxturnal version 5.1 and ensure that customized Noxturnal settings are preserved. The Noxturnal upgrade is performed using the Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard.

The Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard will perform the following actions:

  • Back up centralized/default settings or the user settings for the current user
  • Install the latest version of Noxturnal
  • Restore the settings from the first step

Carefully follow the instructions provided in the Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard to make sure that everything works.

The use of the Noxturnal Upgrade wizard is recommended for users that are upgrading from Noxturnal 3.X and for users upgrading from Noxturnal 4.X that are using centralized settings. Other users do not require the use of the Noxturnal Upgrade wizard and can install directly Noxturnal 5.1

The Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard

The Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard is intended to be used when upgrading Noxturnal and make sure that Noxturnal settings are preserved between versions. To be able to use the upgrade wizard Administrator rights are required on the computer you are installing Noxturnal on. There are two versions of the upgrade wizard available, for 32-bit or 64-bit version. Select the applicable version according to the Windows version being used on the computer to be upgraded. To see which version you have of Windows go to your System properties in Control Panel and look for this information:


Upgrading Noxturnal using the Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard

The Noxturnal Upgrade wizard is available on the Noxturnal CD


Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard - 32bit and Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard – 64bit contain the Noxturnal Upgrade Wizard and the latest version of Noxturnal. Select the applicable wizard version and open the folder.


Right click on the NoxturnalUpgradeWizard and select Run as administrator.


The upgrade wizard includes 5 steps that you need to go through to complete the upgrade. For instructions for each step refer to steps 1-5 below.

1) Select Upgrade

The first step is to select which settings you wish to upgrade.


User or Local Settings – (user): Settings for the current user that is logged in on the computer

Centralized or Default Settings: The current default settings. If the system has been set up to use centralized settings these are those settings.

2) Backup Current Settings

In step 2 you will back up your user settings or centralized settings, depending on the option selected in step 1. The settings are backed up and temporarily removed from the folder defined in Noxturnal to a local folder that is listed as the To: location in the upgrade wizard


 3) Install Noxturnal

The third step is to install the latest version of Noxturnal. Make sure to uncheck the option to run Noxturnal at the end of installation.


4) Restore Settings from Backup

The fourth step is to restore the settings that were backed up in step 2. You can select to import all settings or select manually which settings are to be restored.


5) Upgrade Summary

The dialog below summarizes the upgrade information.


Important Information

Which Settings are Not Upgraded?

Any changes that users have made to default functions (analysis, reports or report fields e.g.) of the software will not be upgraded except for:

  • Shortcut Keys for default events
  • Display features for default events

Additional Information When Upgrading from Noxturnal 3.x

When upgrading computers from 3.x with centralized settings and more than one user it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Use the above instructions on the Administrator user account and upgrade using the Centralized or Default Settings
  2. Have each user log in and run the upgrade tool for each local user using the User or Local Settings but in step 3 above, check Skip this step for the Install Noxturnal step and only import the backed up settings.


Clean Up When Upgrading from 3.x

When using the upgrade tool to upgrade from 3.x might cause some features (legacy reports that appear as default reports e.g.) to appear as duplicates. It is therefore recommended to do some cleanup in Admin Mode after the upgrade and remove those features to prevent any complications.



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