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Pair the Nox T3 and the Nonin 3150 Oximeter in 3 Simple Steps

Learn how to pair the Nox T3 and the Nonin 3150 Oximeter.

Note that these instructions apply to Nox T3 firmware ( if the device has a grey colored microphone)

Before you can send out the Nox T3 System for an ambulatory recording or a home test, you need to make sure that a connection has been established between the Nox T3 and the oximeter. The pairing of the Nox T3 and the oximeter is done after you have finished the configuration in Noxturnal.

Note that the pairing process can take up to 2 minutes when pairing the devices for the first time.  

In order to successfully pair the devices, please follow these steps carefully: 

Step 1. Insert Batteries

Start by inserting fresh/fully charged batteries in the Nox T3 recorder and the oximeter. 

Step 2. Turn on the Nonin 3150 Pulse Oximeter 

Inserting a finger in the probe, automatically turns on the oximeter. An alternative way to turn on the device is to push the grey activation button. See instructions on how to turn on the oximeter here.

Step 3. Turn on the Nox T3

Turn on the Nox T3 recorder by pressing the Middle button. Hold the Middle button until you see the screen turning on. Then press the Right button once or until you see the message “Connecting to” and a PIN address displayed on the Nox T3 recorder.




Make sure that the displayed PIN address is the oximeter’s one. The Nox T3 will now program the oximeter. During the programming the Nox T3 will show the following display:




A checkmark on the Nox T3 signifies a successful and a correct pairing of the Nox T3 and the oximeter: 




The Nox T3 system is now paired ready to be packed and sent along with the patient.

If you have configured for a Scheduled Recording, information on the start-up time will be displayed on the oximeter once the pairing is completed and the oximeter’s display has powered off. If you have scheduled the recording time in Noxturnal at 22:00 for example, the oximeter will display the time 21:59 every 30 seconds:

Note: Make sure that batteries are not removed after the pairing has been completed. If for some reason the batteries are removed, resume the pairing process from Step 1. 

Note: If you experience problems in the pairing process, please try the troubleshooting tips addressed here.

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