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How to turn on the Nonin 3150 Oximeter

Learn how to turn on the Nonin 3150 Oximeter.

Inserting the sensor connector

Start by inserting the sensor connector into the sensor port at the top of the device. The Nonin logo on the sensor connector should face the front of the device. 



Turning on the oximeter with the finger in the probe

Inserting a finger in the probe, automatically turns the device on. 



Warning: To prevent cross-contamination, make sure the Soft SpO2 probe is properly cleaned after turning on the Nonin 3150 Pulse Oximeter by inserting a finger (other than the patient's) in the probe. Refer to 3rd party instructions for use, accompanying the pulse oximeter for cleaning instructions. 

Turning on the oximeter with grey activation button

An alternative way to turn on the oximeter is to push the grey activation button (see encircled in the picture below). Hold button down for at least 3 seconds and you'll see the display turn on. Be sure that you hold down the button long enough (minimum 3 seconds) and that the Bluetooth symbol is displayed on the oximeter (see yellow arrow in the picture below). If the Bluetooth symbol is not displayed, the Bluetooth radio is inactive and the Nox T3 recorder cannot connect to the oximeter. 


Note: Be sure you hold down the button for at least 3 seconds. By doing this the oximeter will avoid a state where the oximeter won't allow a Bluetooth connection to occur. Oximeter units with serial numbers 501924607 and larger do not run the risk of entering this state. 


*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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