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Oximeter: Restart the Nonin 3150 Oximeter

Pairing the Nox T3 and the Nonin 3150 Oximeter but the devices fail to pair? 

If an X-mark appears on the Nox T3 display instead of a checkmark it is necessary to start the pairing process from top.




Before you can resume the pairing process you need to restart the oximeter:

  • Remove the batteries from the oximeter
  • Insert batteries again
  • Hold down the grey activation button for at least 3 seconds and you'll see the oximeter turn on


  • Note: it's important that when the grey activation button is pressed that you hold it down for at least 3 seconds in order to avoid a state where the oximeter won't allow a Bluetooth connection to occur and the Bluetooth® icon on the display of the oximeter is frozen


  • Note: Oximeter units with serial numbers 501924607 and larger do not run the risk of entering this Bluetooth icon freezing state

Once you have restarted the oximeter please resume the pairing process. For further questions or concerns please contact us at


*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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