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Issue with Connecting Nox A1 to a New Computer


Some Nox A1 users have reported an issue when connecting their Nox A1 to a computer for the very first time. For some reason the computer does not recognize Nox A1 and when looking into Device Manager in Windows, Nox A1 comes up with a yellow exclamation mark and is identified as unrecognizable MTP USB Device

pic1.pngPicture 1: Reported connecting issue, yellow exclamation mark    

pic2.png Picture 2: Successful connection of Nox A1 to a new computer

The workaround is to disconnect the Nox A1 and re-connect using a USB cable. The computer should then recognize the Nox A1 and the yellow exclamation mark disappears.

Why is this happening?
This appears to be some misunderstanding between Windows in general (at least Windows 8 and Windows 10, possibly older operating systems as well) on how it handles MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). Nox A1 is an MTP device.

For regular Nox A1 users
When regular Nox A1 users connect the device to a computer that has never been used with the concerning Nox A1, this same issue may occur. However, this issue should only happen when the Nox A1 is connected to that particular computer for the first time. The same workaround applies in those cases.

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