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What sections are included/excluded to the analysis time?

  Included events:

  • We do not exclude events in artifacts, with low signal or in movement time.
  • If you want to exclude a portion of the recording you can e.g. insert an Invalid Signal marker over the area you want to exclude. We did not  want to be overly aggressive in throwing out stuff from the measurement, e.g. during or after movement episodes, as during our validation tests we would see patient, high AHI, that would twist and turn during and after sleep apnea and the AHI index would be greatly reduced because of it.
  • Start from Analysis Start is also included events.
  • Events within Analysis Stop are included.


Excluded events (all the channels on the selected period are excluded):

  • Period where the marker is Invalid (select event > right click on mouse, Score Marker > Signal > Invalid Data) is excluded from report.
  • Period during position Upright is excluded from report (it assumed that the patient is awake during Upright Position). To account for patients who sleep in f.ex. Lazy Boy chairs you can go to Recording Properties (CTRL+I shortcut key) and there, under the 'Recording' part there is an option "Include upright position in reports".
  • Period where the marker is Wake (select event > right click on mouse, Sleep Stage > Wake) is excluded from report.

*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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