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Noxturnal 3.2 - Customizing Report in Noxturnal

Version 1.0
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This knowledge base article describes how to customize reports in the Noxturnal Software. Several default reports templates are provided in Noxturnal. You can adjust these templates by adding or removing some “Report Parts” or simply create a completely new report. 

Customizing Report

To customize your own report, open Reports, in the Noxturnal main toolbar menu (as shown in figure 1), in Report Templates you select:

  • New Template… when you want to create a new report template from scratch.
  • New Template Based On… when you want to create a new report template that is similar to an existing one.
  • Manage Templates…, where you can edit, rename or delete the default reports.

 If for example you select a New Template Based on > Respiratory Report > OK, give the new report template a name, > OK (as shown on figure 2 and 3)...

 …a new wizard opens and on the left side of the screen you can find an array of “Report Parts”. Each report part represents a section of your report such as Respiratory, Pulse Oximetry, Apnea Screen etc.  The first part on the list is Customizable Report Text. The Customizable Report Text section allows you to mix together static text, that you type in, with dynamic variables such as Patient Name, AHI, Duration in Supine and a plethora of other variables to pick from.

 If you for example:

  • Type in the text “Patient´s name:”
  • Click the <<fields button (located on the upper right corner in the Customizable Report Text part)
  • Search for the parameter First Name
  • Double click on the First Name field
  • Type in “He has an apnea index of:”
  • And then search for the AHI field on the right side and insert it by double clicking on it

The results should be seen in figure 6. The First Name and AHI are greyed out and this means that when this report is displayed the grey fields will be replaced by the actual values.

 You can also add additional – ready to use – report parts. By clicking once (left mouse click) you receive a preview with the data from the current recording, seen on figure 7.


If further special customization is available within a Report Part it will be indicated by check mark fields. The Graphs are with this respect of special interest (e.g. Trend Overview) and can be customized for their order, the colors, the axis and more.

To locate the report part on a specific place in the report you simply select the part, a red circle appears on the part, and you either drag the part up or down or hold the Ctrl keypad down and use the arrows keypads to drag the part up or down.

When you have customized the report and are satisfied with the template, select either Save or Save and Close.

Interpretation Notes

File > Recording Properties or the  icon in the toolbar menu > Edit; this is the same setup as in field in the Customizable Report Text.

 You can edit the text both by writing it in the Interpretation Notes or create a layout in Microsoft Word and then copy it over. You can change the font size, have it bold, bullets and so on.

 When you are satisfied with the template you can highlighted it and store it for later use, you simply select the text and click on Add Snippet (as shown on figure 10)


…and if you select Snippets you can see your text there and use it next time.

Report´s Header and Footer

You can change the report header/footer by selecting Tools > Options > Reports. You can insert static text as header/footer but, additionally, there are dynamic variables listed below (f.ex. [TechnicianName]) that you can use;

 Similarly under Tools > Options > User & Company you can edit User and Company information.


Technician Notes

File > Recording Properties or the  icon in the toolbar menu.


Patient Notes

File > Recording Properties or the  icon in the toolbar menu.




Ver 1.0

*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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