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T3 Configuration files explained

T3 Configuration Interface

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Version 1.0
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T3 Configuration Overview





T3 Configuration Overview

The T3 device exposes it’s interface as a mass storage device and configuration is done by file copy. There are  three main files used when configuring the T3:


This files contains in a standard ini file all the information on the T3 device. This file is generated automatically each time the T3 device is connected to a PC. Below is a typical device.ini file content:


This file contains the entire configuration required for the T3 to start a study. The configuration is kept in a standard ini file structure and is ASCII encoded. Below is a typical setup of a T3 recording:

Below is a summary of all the options available for the T3 configuration.

Channel configuration is in a fixed form:

  • Name – Name of the channel, these are fixed names
  • Label – Channel display label
  • Type – Signal type, used internally by Noxturnal to identify channels
  • Sampling Rate – Defines the sampling rate for each channel in Hz. For all channels these sampling rated are fixed.
  • Unit – Unit of the channel (e.g. V for volts etc)
  • BT Serial – Serial number of the Bluetooth device being used, 6 or 9 digits
  • BDA – Bluetooth address of the device being connected, usually

Channel 1 and Channel 2 are generic channels. Label, type and unit are user definable. An examples of custom configurations are:

For the oximeter the Bluetooth serial number is entered for the device, 6 digits. If available the Bluetooth address can be appended to speed up connection to the device. It is however recommended to use only the serial number as the T3 deice maintains a log of serial number and its corresponding Bluetooth address for a quick lookup. An example of an oximeter connection, oximeter serial number is 123123:

For the RespSense the Bluetooth serial is acquired from the Bluetooth dongle used to connect with the RespSense unit. The serial is 9 digits. An Example of a RespSense connection, with serial number of 999123123:


The command file is used to set the device clock and scheduled start date and time. To set the command simply copy the command file over to the T3 device and then delete it. Please note that all commands must end with a carriage return and new line (“\r\n”).

For setting the device time:

For configuring a scheduled recording:

Both commands can be joined into a single file:

Note that all date/time is in compact sortable ISO format (YYYMMDDThhmmss).






Ver 1.0

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