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Customizing Reports

Version 2.0 

Latest Revision 19 June 2024



Noxturnal has a custom report system that includes editing capabilities similar to Microsoft Word. Users can easily edit default reports and create their own custom reports. This knowledge base article describes how to edit and customize reports in Noxturnal.


 Editing Generated Reports 

Generated reports can be modified. To edit a generated report in Noxturnal follow the steps below: 

1. From the menu bar select Reports and click the desired report.

2. The selected report will be generated and opened in a new sheet in Noxturnal. 

3. To edit the report select Edit from the toolbar. This will enable the editing features.

4. When you have finished editing the report click Edit again to exit the editing mode and then Refresh to re-generate the modified report.

Note: These modifications are not saved. To save changes to an edited report see the following chapter. 


Manage Custom Reports 

To create/edit/delete your own report template in Noxturnal follow the steps below: 

1.  From the menu bar select Reports --> Manage Reports…

2. You will see the following dialog.

Select any of the following options depending on your preferences: 

  • Edit/Rename/Delete if you want to edit, rename or delete an existing report. Note that if any of the default reports are selected these options are unavailable unless you have admin rights. 
  • New when you want to create a new report template from scratch. 
  • New Based On when you want to create a new report template based on any of the default reports or other existing reports. 

3. In this example we will use the PSG Report. Select PSG Report and then New Based On.

4. You will see the following dialog where you can give the new report template a name and then select Create.

5. A new sheet opens up with the default PSG Report report and in this window, you can edit the report. On the right side of the screen you can find a collection of “Fields” and “Report Parts” that you can use for your report.

Note: In the report template you can hover over the fields (-) with the mouse to see the parameter’s details. See figure below.

You can also change the view of the fields by selecting the Toggle Fields icon in the toolbar shown in the figure below.

The fields will then be displayed with content description as shown below.


Report Parts and Report Fields 

Each report part represents a section of your report such as Oximetry Saturation, PLM Details etc. Report parts and fields can be created in Noxturnal similar to what is known from Microsoft Word and you can save report parts from default reports to have available when creating reports from scratch.


Create New Report Parts and Fields 

You can create additional – ready to use – report parts. To do that, select the applicable report part in the report template (or any custom created text/table) and drag and drop it to the list of report parts. Give the report part a name and select the category. The new report part you created will be added to the list of Report Parts.


To create a new field follow the steps below.

1. Select New or New Based On.

2. You will see the following window where you can give the new field a name and select the applicable category and field criteria.


Add Report Parts and Fields to Reports 

To add report parts and fields to your report set the mouse point to the preferred location in the report and double-click or drag and drop the desired report part from the list on the right side.


Edit Report Fields 

To edit report fields select the applicable report field as shown in the image below and double-click the preferred field from the list. To make sure you have the preferred field you can hover over the field with the mouse.


Report’s Header and Footer 

To customize the report header and footer follow the steps below: 

1. From the menu bar select Tools --> Settings --> User & Company and you will see the following wizard where you can enter user and company information.

2. You can then insert the information entered in step 1 in your report using the corresponding fields.


Insert Header and Footer 

To insert header and footer to your report place the mouse pointer within the upper part of the report, right click and select the option to edit Header/footer.

3. You can add the applicable fields to the header section.

4. To add a logo to your report header go to Format --> Insert Image… as shown below.

When you have completed setting up your report template select Save. Your report will be added to the Report list from the toolbar. 


Ver 1.0

*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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