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Licensing Concept and Activation (Noxturnal 5)

Version 2.0 

Latest Revision 4 June 2015


This article explains the licensing concept introduced with Noxturnal 4 


This document describes the different license options for Noxturnal version 5 and how the required activation process is implemented.

Noxturnal 5 can be installed at any computer and will allow 60 days of use with unlimited functionality without a license activation. After this initial period Noxturnal returns to the functionality required to use the Nox T3 system for ambulatory polygraphy.  All other features need the activation of their respective licenses.

The licenses will be distributed by Nox Medical with a pre-generated license key (see license document) which has encoded functionality and validity conditions. Based on the pre-generated key and a unique identifier from the computer which is generated within Noxturnal an activation confirmation code can be generated via this website – The license server will check the PC identifiers as well as license keys and issue the new license activation or return failure messages in case of any invalid licensing request.

Noxturnal licenses will be issued and activated per computer. Licenses can neither be ported from one computer to another nor can they be shared within a network. Therefore as soon as a license is activated this license key cannot be used anywhere else again. In case of mandatory computer exchanges (e.g. major computer crashes) please contact for assistance.

Noxturnal Licenses


License Activation

Noxturnal allows the installation and immediate use of all functionality for 60 days. Uninstalling and reinstalling will neither reset that period counter nor will it extend the total of 60 days.

If no license activation will be done the program returns after 60 days to the “basic” functionality which allows the use with Nox T3 systems in ambulatory fashion as well as reading, analyzing and reporting for Nox T3 data.

Purchased licenses will be delivered as a license certificate with a License key. The license key is to be used in conjunction with a Noxturnal PC identifier to generate an unlock code. As soon as the unlock code is created the license is registered is in use within the Nox license server. From that time on this license can only be used (or reactivated) on that particular computer.

The registration of the licenses does not require an online Web connection to the license server. The activation code can be requested and will be received via email on any computer by logging into the Website:

The required PC identifier has to be taken from Noxturnal on the computer where the activation should be performed:

  1. In the software toolbar click Help/About Application/Update License/Upgrade
  2. In the Upgrade License Window the PC identifier appears. If you are online and run the activation from this computer please take a copy from the PC identifier. If you need to use a different computer for the license registration please note down exactly the PC-Identifier.

Logging in to the website will offer this window:


You are required to enter a valid email address where the license activation code and the summary of all information about this license will be send to. The use of the “Optional Fields” is not mandatory but offers you a great foilow up and search possibilities on your side as well as performed on request to Nox Medical. The “Optional Fields” include:

Continuing the process the next window appears:

Activate your Noxturnal license by filling in the information below and pressing Submit. The activation code will then be sent to


Both fields need to be filled before submitting the activation request.

In case that the license key had been already used on a different computer or the license key is not valid (e.g. typing error) a failure message will be given.

If the license registration and activation is valid an unlock code and a complete summary about the activated license / functionality / optional entered information will be provided to the given email.

The activation code is call “unlock code” and an example for this is:

If you are running the email browser on the same computer as the Noxturnal to be activated your license can be activated by copy the unlock code into the field for the Noxturnal license upgrade. Otherwise note it down and transfer to the computer to run Noxturnal.

This activation has to be processed for every license which gets added to the Noxturnal instance. Using the option of “ACTIVATE ANOTHER” will therefore keep the identifier used before in order that you need only to enter the next license key. If you wish to activate another license to another computer please overwrite the previously used PC – Identifier with the correct one for the new computer.

 The Unlock code is unique for the license combined with the PC identifier. It keeps the information about the functionality and time of validity. To add an additional feature / license on an existing Noxturnal with already activated licensed features requires just the PC identifier and no extra information about already existing activated features. If accidently a new license key gets used for an already activated feature the license server will notify the user about this and return with a failure / warning message instead of issuing another unlock code.

!!! Note: Please make sure to use the right PC identifiers during the license registration. If possible use the “copy and paste” functionality to avoid typing errors.


Ver: 002

*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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