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Customizing Analysis Protocols

This article explains how to customize the analysis protocols in Noxturnal.

Each of the Analysis Protocols has one or more Detectors
                       - Protocols are groups of Detectors.

  1. To create a new Protocol, open Noxturnal and select Analysis tab > Manage Analysis > New or New Based On
  2. On left site there is a list of Detectors. Select a Detector, by either double clicking on the Detector or Select it > Add Detector
  3. If a new Protocol Based On another one was selected, the existing Protocol can be changed.
  4. In the selected Detector, there are two tabs:
    - General Properties, where all the settings for the Analysis Detector are
    - Input Signals, shows all the signals that this detector can use.
           - Signal Group can be selected or a Single Input Source
           - Manually select the input before the analyzing process
           - Enable Sampling Rate Filter. The Sampling Range can be selected, the Input appears in the specified sampling range 
  5. When the new Analysis Protocol has been created, Select Save and Close
  6. In the Analysis tab a new Protocol has been created 

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