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Trial Licenses in Noxturnal

Note: A license is not needed on Noxturnal version 6.0.1 and later versions.

This article is only relevant to Noxturnal versions 6.0.0 and older. 


When installing Noxturnal on a new computer, all licenses are open for a total of 60 days. This is to ensure that users do not experience any issues while getting to know the system in more detail.

When users go to Help->About Application->License they will see a date for when this trial license runs out.  After the 60 day period runs out, the licenses revert back to being only open for typical Nox T3 usage, i.e. preparing T3 recorders, downloading from them and analysing.

If, during the install process, additional licenses were installed, such as Online Acquisition license or PSG File Format license, Noxturnal will revert to those licenses instead after the trial period.

Nox T3 users can safely ignore this warning and continue to use the Noxturnal application.

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