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Nox T3: Unresponsive Device

In the case where the display of the Nox T3 is black and the device is unresponsive. Does not start up, neither when connected to a computer via USB nor with battery inserted. Try the following steps. 

  • Check the recorder revision. See instructions here.
  • If the recorder revision is REV:0310 the reason for the blank screen is most likely this; see service bulletin and the workaround is to reset the device. Then it is important to upgrade the firmware to the latest version in order to avoid this issue. After you have upgraded, recharge the device first after. For a device that is going to be used the same day; recharge for 30-60 minutes. If you are mailing the device and it will not be used until a couple of days, recharge it for 8 hours

  Warning: The recording on your device will be deleted once the reset is done. 

Follow the steps below in order to reset the device:

  • Press the Right Arrow Button and the Left Arrow Button on the front panel of the device simultaneously

  • While pressing the right and left arrow buttons plug the USB cable from the computer to the device
  • Hold the buttons down until the device has powered up.


Remember to upgrade to the latest firmware version or newer and then recharge device.

If you already have firmware and your device is unresponsive or if the steps above did not work, try the following: 

  1. Plug the device to a computer with a USB cable. If the device now turns on the battery contact is most likely damaged and the device must be sent in for repair. 
  2. If the device does not turn on when plugged to a computer with the USB cable, insert AA batteries and try to turn on the device by pressing the middle button. If the device now turns on the USB port is most likely damaged and device must be sent in for repair. To be sure, test on another computer first in order to verify that it is the USB port on the device that is broken but not the USB port on the computer. Also, test another USB cable to verify that it's not the USB cable that is damaged. 

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