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Nox T3: How to reset the device

If your having problems with configuring or downloading from the Nox T3 or the computer doesn't recognize it, it can be necessary to reset the device. This is usually done after having tried to repair the file system and that didn't prove useful. See How to Repair the Nox - T3 File System.

 Warning: If you have a recording saved on the device, the recording will be deleted once the reset is done. Therefore, always try to repair the file system before using this method if you have a recording on the device.

Please follow the steps below in order to reset the device:

  • Plug the Nox T3 to a computer with a USB cable:

  • Once the device is plugged then press the Right Arrow Button on the front of the device once or until this display image appears: 

  • Hold middle button down to reset the device:

  • Hold the middle button down for a few seconds or until the progress bar is full:

  • The device should now be reset. 

 See also video tutorial instructions here "how to Reset the Nox T3"


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