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Oximeter: Doesn't have a Bluetooth® Signal

If the Bluetooth® signal does not appear on the display of your oximeter (Nonin 3150) when you are trying to pair it with the Nox T3: 

Bluetooth radio enabled vs. no Bluetooth radio enabled


It is most likely because you don't have the OEM 3150 version of the 3150 oximeter. 

There are two versions of the Nonin 3150 oximeter sold by Nonin:

  • OEM 3150: Bluetooth radio active and enabled whenever the unit is turned on (either by putting the finger in the probe or by pushing the grey activation button).
  • Standard Branded 3150: To enable the Bluetooth radio you have to push the grey activation button and the Bluetooth radio connection will only be on for 3 minutes. Putting the finger in the probe will not turn on the Bluetooth radio.

But Nox Medical is selling the OEM 3150 version which is especially validated and is included and compatible with our systems.

See further information on the difference between these two versions and how to distinguish the OEM from the Branded version here.               





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