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Nox T3: If you are not able to download from your device

If you have a recording on your Nox T3 which you are not able to download in Noxturnal. Try the following steps. 

First, start by checking the firmware version on your device and the revision of the recorder - see instructions on how to check this here

If you have firmware 1.5.1 and 1.5.0 on a Nox T3 REV:0310, try the following: 

  • Plug the device to the computer with the USB
  • Open Windows Explorer and locate the Removable Disk. The Nox T3 device exposes its interface as a Removable Disk flash drive in the Windows operating system. 
  • Normally, there should be one or two data files found on the device; one DATA_#nif and/or one DATA_#naf (depending on if you have recorded audio or not) along with other files, see further information on T3 file content here.

  • What can happen, is that extra small data files have been created which causes the device to crash. 
  • Check if you have more than one DATA_#nif file and/or more than one DATA#naf file that are smaller than 10 KB.
  • To be able to download from the device, these extra data files need to be removed. 
  • Remove extra data files that are smaller than 10 KB.
  • Now, try to download from the device again. 
  • Remember to upgrade to the latest firmware to avoid this issue.

If you don't have firmware 1.5.1 or 1.5.0 on a Nox T3 REV:0310 or the steps above did not work, try to repair the file system, see How to Repair the Nox T3 file system or reset the Nox T3, see How to Reset the Nox T3 

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