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Nox T3: If your recording stops too early

If you have a recording (either configured to start up manually or automatically) and the recording stops too early, your device might have lost its licence or it's a file system corruption. These steps can help you. 

  • Start by checking if it is a file system corruption by opening the Recording Properties in Noxturnal and then open Recording Device: 


  • If you see this message "Low Disk Space", repair the file system, see instructions on how to repair the file system here or reset the Nox T3, see instructions on how to reset the Nox T3 here
  • If you don't see this message, the reason for this issue could be a licence issue. In order to verify this, check the following:
    • Turn on the T3 device by pressing the middle button on the front panel:

    • A closed lock icon should appear in the down right corner of the display if the device is licensed:


    • This lock is however open if the device needs to be re-licensed
    • This can also be verified by following these steps: 
      • Plug the device to the computer with the USB
      • Open Windows Explorer and locate the Removable Disk
      • The T3 device exposes its interface as a Removable Disk flash drive in the Windows operating system
      • Check if you see the file SIGN.TXT:

      • If this file appears, the device must be re-licensed. 
      • To re-license the device, see instructions here.

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