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Nonin WristOx2 Oximeter, Model 3150 – Two versions


Product under Scope: Nonin WristOx2, Model 3150


It has recently come to our notice that the Nonin 3150 Oximeter can exist in two different modes:

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): Bluetooth® radio active and enabled automatically when the oximeter is turned on. 

  • Branded:Bluetooth® radio not enabled automatically. 

We at Nox Medical are selling the OEM 3150 version mode and that version is especially validated and is included and compatible with our Nox T3 and A1 systems.

The intention with this document is:

  • To notify our customers about the fact that those two modes of the Nonin 3150 oximeter exist
  • To explain the difference between the two modes
  • To describe the typical user cases where users could have issues with the Bluetooth wireless technology if they have the Branded version
  • To explain how to distinguish the OEM from the Branded Nonin 3150
  • More importantly, to warn our customers about that the Branded version is not validated with the Nox systems and we cannot guarantee the functionality of the systems with the Branded Nonin 3150

Two Different Modes of the Nonin 3150 and the Difference between them

As mentioned above, there are two modes of the Nonin 3150 oximeter sold by Nonin:

  • OEM 3150: Bluetooth radio active and enabled whenever the unit is turned on (either by putting the finger in the probe or by pushing the grey activation button).
  • Standard Branded 3150: To enable the Bluetooth radio, you have to push the grey activation button and the Bluetooth connection will only be on for 3 minutes. Putting the finger in the probe will not turn on the Bluetooth radio.

Bluetooth Symbol

A Bluetooth symbol appears on the display of the oximeter when the Bluetooth radio is enabled:


 Bluetooth radio enabled  vs. NO Bluetooth radio enabled

User Scenario with the Nox T3

The typical user case where users could run into trouble when using the Branded version of the oximeter with the Nox T3 system is in the configuration phase, when pairing the Nox T3 and the oximeter. The user scenario is the following:

  1. A new oximeter out of the box (Branded oximeter) not purchased from Nox Medical and which has never been paired with the Nox T3 before
  2. The user has configured a recording and intends to pair the Nox T3 and the oximeter
  3. The user places its finger in the probe of the oximeter but no Bluetooth signal is displayed
  4. Since the Bluetooth radio is not active the user is unable to pair the Nox T3 and the oximeter

However, it seems that once the Nox T3 and the Branded oximeter have been paired (if the user has managed to pair the two devices by actively enabling the Bluetooth radio with the grey activation button) then the Bluetooth radio has been enabled and will be available for future use.

Typically, this issue arises around an oximeter that has not been paired before with a Nox T3 device and the user is not familiar with the difference between the two different modes of the Nonin 3150, the Branded version and the OEM version and therefore, doesn’t know that the Bluetooth radio has to be actively enabled.

User Scenario with the Nox A1

The Nox A1 Bluetooth function is different from the Nox T3. When the oximeter is paired with the Nox A1 no programming takes place as when paired with the Nox T3. In order to enable the Bluetooth radio on the oximeter the grey activation button must be pushed each time when the oximeter is turned on. The issue therefore applies to all user scenarios with the Branded version when the oximeter needs to be turned on and the Bluetooth connection needs to be established.

How to Distinguish the OEM from the Branded version 

There are two ways to distinguish between the two versions. The OEM 3150 and the Standard Branded 3150 are labeled exactly the same besides the packaging. The labeling of the outer box of the OEM 3150 version should say “MODEL 3150, OEM”, see picture below:


In order to identify if an oximeter is an OEM version or a Branded version and the package is not available, one needs to check the function of the oximeter by doing the following:

  1. Turn it on by putting the finger in the probe
  2. If the Bluetooth signal is not displayed → it is the Branded version


Unfortunately it is not possible to send the Standard Branded version in for service, for a firmware upgrade. However, once the oximeter has been programmed with the Nox T3 the Bluetooth radio has been enabled and it may behave as an OEM version after that. Note that for the Nox A1, the oximeter is not programmed by the A1 so in order to activate the Bluetooth radio it needs to be done each time by using the grey activation button. But, as mentioned above it should be clarified that the Standard Branded version is not validated with Nox systems and therefore Nox Medical cannot under any circumstances guarantee the functionality of our systems if the Standard Branded version is being used. 


Make sure to buy the OEM version and not the Branded version.

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