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Nox T3: Recording Configured to Start up Automatically doesn't Startup

If you have configured a recording to start up automatically in the Nox T3 but the device doesn't start up at scheduled hour. Or the device gives incorrect date information in the recording. The following steps can help you. 

First, start by upgrading the firmware of the device. 

  • Since this issue is firmware related, start by checking the firmware version of your device. See instructions here. If you have firmware older than (e.g. if you have firmware of the version 1.5.0 or 1.5.1 on a T3 device of the revision REV:0310) upgrade the firmware in order to avoid this issue.

After you have upgraded, recharge the device first after. For a device that is going to be used the same day; recharge for 30-60 minutes by plugging it with a USB cable to a computer: 

A green light appears in the upper right corner of the device indicating that the device is plugged and then you know it is being recharged. If you are mailing the device and it will not be used until a couple of days, recharge it for 8 hours

The reason for the recording failing to start up at scheduled hour is an incorrect internal clock. 

The internal clock is on the display of the Nox T3 (see encircled area). It is used to maintain accurate timing when the device is turned off and when the AA battery has been removed from the recorder. A rechargeable internal battery supplies the internal clock of the necessary power. If the internal battery has an insufficient charge, the automatic start function of the Nox T3 may not work. As well as the date and length of studies may be incorrect. 

It is therfore very important to upgrade the device and also make sure to recharge the device after you have upgraded the firmware. 

Also, make sure that other devices you may have are upgraded to the latest firmware and recharged.

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