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How to Find a Lost BlueGiga Access Point on a Network

This article explains how to find a "lost" BlueGiga Access Point on a network and configure it to the same state as it was when you received it from Nox Medical. 

This may happen if you do not know the IP address of the BlueGiga after a DHCP configuration change or a reset on the BlueGiga device reset button. In these cases you will have difficulties in configuring Noxturnal to work with the access point and the corresponding Nox A1 recorder.

  1. Connect the BlueGiga access point to a known network, such as a switch or router which is connected to the computer you are working on. 
  2. Restart the BlueGiga by pressing the factory reset button located under the BlueGiga while the it is plugged in. You will need a pointy object, e.g. toothpick to reach this button.
  3. The BlueGiga is now a “client” and receives IP from the network DHCP server. Commonly this IP will be in the range 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x
  4. Scan with the Advanced IP Scanner (available here: ). Clicking the "IP" button in the Advance IP Scanner toolbar will give you the recommended scan parameters.
  5. After a scan is completed all Bluegiga access points should come up with the manufacturer as "Bluegiga Networks, Inc.". By double clicking its record and double clicking the "Access Point" subrecord the access point configuration interface should be opened in a web browser.
  6. Assuming that you like to have the BlueGiga acting as a DHCP server and working similar as it was delivered originally by Nox Medical. Setup the BlueGiga to act as a DHCP server by following the steps below:
  7. Click Setup and enter:

    Username: root

    Password: buffy

    to enter the setup page. Verify that the software has been updated to version 4.4.

  8. Navigate to Applications -> Default startup applications and click off on the right side of dhcpd to turn it on. This will activate the DHCP server on next reboot.
  9. Go back to the Setup page and navigate to Network settings -> Default interface settings and click Yes to set a static IP address. Edit the network interface settings so that they resemble the picture below. Then click Save.
  10. Click DHCP server settings. And modify the settings so that they resemble the picture below. Then click Save.
  11. Now unplug the Ethernet cable from the BlueGiga access point that has just been configured and Reboot the device by unplugging and plugging the power cable back in. The BlueGiga access point is now ready for use.

  12. Now the BlueGiga is in the same state as it was when you received it from Nox Medical and you can find it on your network.

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