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Oximeter: Doesn't show the CP

When pairing the Nox T3 and the Nonin 3150 oximeter and your oximeter won't show the CP. These steps may help you. 


  • First, make sure you have inserted the correct oximeter PIN address when configuring in Noxturnal. The oximeter PIN address is on the back of the oximeter. Also make sure there is not a frozen Bluetooth icon on the oximeter, if so, follow the instructions here.
  • Once this has been verified but you are still not able to connect, try the following:  
  • Reboot the T3 Device: let the T3 device turn off and then turn it on again by pushing the middle button:

  • Now try again to pair the devices and see if the CP appears on the oximeter. 
  • Be sure that you see the Bluetooth® symbol on the display of the oximeter: 

  • If there is no Bluetooth symbol, it is likely that you don't have the correct oximeter version. See further information here

If this does not work, pair the Nox T3 with another oximeter in order to verify if the problem lies in the T3 or the oximeter. Then try the oximeter with another T3 and check if the CP appears. If the CP does not appear, it is likely that you have a broken oximeter that must be sent in for service. 

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*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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