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Nox Electrodes

Version: 1.0

Release Date: May 25th 2016

In this article you will find the leaflet and release bulletin for the Nox Gold Cup Electrodes.


This Release Bulletin announces the release of the following products for a general market release:

Nox A1 Head Cables: Minor update to environmental conditions.

Nox A1 EEG 5-Lead Gold Electrode Cable: New cleaning instructions, improved gold coating and copper used in base of electrodes instead of nickel.

Technical Service Recommendations

New Cleaning Instructions for Gold Cup Electrodes and Leads

These instructions apply to:

55 44 11: Nox A1 EEG 5 Lead Gold Electrode Cable 

Gold cup electrodes and leads should be cleaned using a mild hospital-grade laundry detergent, wiped with soft towels and air dried. In addition, standard alcohol wipes can be used to clean leads (Super Sani-Cloth Plus disinfection wipes from PDI).

• Do not soak electrodes in alcohol

• Do not use bleach

• Do not use an abrasive-based cleaner on the electrodes, as it can damage the plating

• Only apply light force when cleaning gold plated surfaces. (Gold plating is soft and can easily be damaged or scratched when contacted).

• A dampened soft towel or dampened soft foam swab is recommended for use when cleaning gold plated surfaces.

Clean electrodes immediately after use.


For more information, please contact 


Rev: 001

*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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