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Adding Signal Charts to Reports (Noxturnal 4 and up)

This article will provide instructions for how to inserting a signal chart in reports in Noxturnal version 4 and up. 

In many cases users will want to see an overview of a particular signal for the whole night or analysed period in their reports. An example of that is the TCO2 signal. To add signal charts to your reports follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Noxturnal (in Admin mode if you want to change the default templates).
  2. Navigate to Reports->Manage Reports in the Noxturnal menu bar
  3. Select the report template where you want to add the signal graph and select "Edit". If "Edit" is grayed out you do not have access to changing that report template. You will need to start Noxturnal in Admin mode to change that template.
  4. When you have clicked "Edit" the Report Editor will open up.
  5. In the Report Editor you can position the cursor where you want the new signal graph to be located.
  6. In the upper right corner in the Report Editor you will see two tabs; "Fields" and "Report Parts".
  7. Select the "Report Parts". 
  8. Scroll down in that list until you see the section "Charts".
  9. In the "Charts" section you will see an item called "Signal". You can either double click that item or drag it to the place where you want the graph to be located.
  10. You will see the "Signal Chart Placeholder" appear on the report. Now you must tell the signal chart placeholder which signal should be displayed there.
  11. On the left side, where you just added the signal chart placeholder, double-click that placeholder.
  12. In the dialog that pops up you can configure the input signal which should be displayed, such as TCO2 and make any cosmetic configurations to that as well. Such as colors, scaling, periods, etc.
  13. Press OK in the dialog.
  14. Press Save in the lower left corner of the Report Editor
  15. You will have made the changes needed and added a signal graph to your report.

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Ver: 001

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