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Nox T3 and T3s Setup Guide (Noxturnal 6)

Last updated 09 June 2023.

This article outlines how to set up the Nox T3 and T3s recorders with Noxturnal 6 and later. The following article is a quick setup guide, and here you will find references to the relative material for the Nox T3 and Noxturnal.

T3 and T3s Setup with Noxturnal Instructions

Step 1. Installation

Start by installing the Noxturnal software. The latest version of Noxturnal can be found on the Nox Medical downloads webpage. Before installing the software, review the system requirements for running the application. Instructions on installing the software and system requirements can be found in the Noxturnal Manual.

Windows Administrative privileges are required to install Noxturnl. You may need to contact your IT department to help with the installation.

Step 2. Connect device

After the installation, load Noxturnal and connect the Nox T3 or T3s device with the provided USB cable to the computer. You need to access the USB connector to connect the device to a computer. The USB connector is placed under the battery lid. To open the battery lid, press the lid key (accompanying the system) and slide the battery lid down towards the bottom of the device. See this guide for best practise to reduce the potential for damage to the battery lid. Connect the device to a computer with the USB cable.


Noxturnal automatically detects the device within 2-4 seconds. If the device is not detected, try re-connecting the device. The Nox T3 or T3s device should automatically display on the Recording page. This will display the device's status, firmware and serial number. When the recorder is connected to the computer, the device display lights up and displays a message saying the device is connected.

Step 3. Configure Device

The main steps for configuring the device are:

  1. Configuration of the device. Where you select the Recording Type to use (auxiliary devices that may be connected and channels to be recorded).

  2. Schedule Recording, where you can select the time and date for a recording or have a patient start the recording.

  3. Patient Information, where you add the necessary patient information to the recording.

To begin, Click Configure Device



A Nox T3 Configuration Wizard will appear. Select a Recording type from the drop-down list. The recording types available are the built-in ones from the software. The recording types define the channel configuration used on the device (what device profile) and what auxiliary devices are used in the recording. The sensor setup chosen in the recording type is displayed on the main image. To create a custom Recording type, follow the instructions here.


This step includes setting up the Nonin WristOx oximeter with the recording device. This step will differ for the Nox T3 and the T3s.

The Nox T3s recorder will only connect to Nonin 3150 BLE oximeters and does not support connecting to the Nonin 3150 Classic oximeters. Refer to the Nox Medical support page for further information.

For the Nox T3 recorder, type in the applicable oximeter PIN or BDA address, then click Next.


The Nox T3s process is more detailed. Refer to the Nox T3s Manual for more details on Establishing a Connection between the Nonin 3150 BLE Pulse Oximeter and Nox T3s (Page 13).

Schedule Recording

The next step is to schedule the recording.

If the Manually Start Recording option is checked, the user is responsible for starting/stopping the recording from the Nox recording device. This is done by pressing and holding the Middle button on the device until the device display indicates that the recording has started.

Check the Start Recording At option to schedule a specific recording time. The device will turn on and automatically start recording at the specified time. Each recording will begin simultaneously if the user records for more than one night.

To stop recording after a specific duration, specify the Duration to be either: 7 Hours, 8 Hours, or 10 Hours or enter a custom duration. If Unspecified is chosen, the user is responsible for stopping the recording. This is done by pressing and holding the Middle button on the device until the device display indicates that the recording has stopped.


Patient Information

Click Next to continue to the third step. In this dialog, it is possible to enter detailed information about the patient. The only required field is the patient name or the patient ID. After entering the patient information, click Finish to write the configuration to the device.

The user must wait for the Configuration Finished windows to show before disconnecting the device from the computer.


Step 4. Pairing Nox T3 and oximeter

Before the devices are sent home to the patients, the Nox T3 device must be paired with the Nonin oximeter if performing oximetry. Dependent on if you have configured for a manual recording or a scheduled recording, see the instructions here: 

For the Nox T3s recorder, refer to the Nox T3s Manual for more details on Establishing a Connection between the Nonin 3150 BLE Pulse Oximeter and Nox T3s (Page 13).  

Step 5. Hook-up

Information videos on how the patient should hook up using the Nox T3 device can be found here:

Step 6. Download and Analyze

After recording, the device must be connected to the computer to download the data. The device should be displayed on the recording page with the Status: Ready to Download

Click Download Recording


After downloading the recording, the automatic analysis defined by the configured recording type is performed.


This message will appear when the recording has been successfully downloaded and analyzed. Click Done to view the summary page. The Summary of the analysis results is displayed on the front page, and indicators for sleep parameters are displayed. The sleep parameters depend on the configuration of the Nox T3 or T3s device and can vary from the image below.

Further analysis of individual signals can be done by clicking on the signal overview page's signal tabs. 

Noxturnal Recording Results page for a Nox T3s recording

More information about functions within the Noxturnal Workspace can be found on the Noxturnal support site.

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