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Nox A1 Setup Guide (Noxturnal 5)

Learn how to set up the Nox A1 and the Noxturnal 5 software during online and ambulatory sleep studies. The following article is a setup guide and here you will find references to the relative material for the Nox A1 and the Noxturnal software.

Step 1 - Installation

Start by installing the Noxturnal Software. Before installing the software, review the system requirements for running the application. Instructions on how to install the software and system requirements can be found here, in the Noxturnal Software Manual. Note that you have to have administrator privilege on your computer in order to install the software. Run the Software after installing the software.

Step 2 - Prepare a recording (online and ambulatory)

2.1 - Online setup

For an online setup the first step is to create an online room

Navigate to Devices > Online Rooms...

In the Room Manager select Add Room

Give the room a name and click Add Devices

All available devices on the on the computer LAN network should be listed there and a section on the left side is where other devices can be added.

See instructions here about how to connect C1 to the LAN network.

Select Nox A1 from the Device Types and click Add >>. When the Nox A1 recorder is added the user needs to select the Nox C1 Access Point that is being used and click Scan. Make sure that the A1 device is turned on. When the device has been recognized select the device click Next > and then Finish. Alternatively you can enter the serial number of the recorder for which that access point will search for when starting an online recording.

Once all required IP devices and Aux devices (e.g. oximeter, capnography...) are visible in the "Available Devices" window, select the devices (blue frame appears around selected devices) you want to use in this room and click Add to Room

The selected devices will be added to the room. Settings can be changed for each device by selecting the device and click Edit Device. After adjusting all settings click Close.

The best practice is to add all devices that are available for the specific room even though they are not all used at the same time during an online recording. The following steps will display how different recording types can be defined.

After the room has been created the Recording page view will display the room as shown here

To start an online recording click Configure Recording

Select a recording type from the drop-down list. For information on how to create a custom recording type click here. Click Next >

The final step is to add patient information and click Start Recording

2.2 Ambulatory Setup

Setup of a Nox A1 ambulatory recording can done both with Noxturnal and with the Noxturnal App. In this section the information is based on using the Noxturnal software.

2.2.1 - Connect device

Start Noxturnal and connect the Nox A1 device with a USB cable to the computer. To connect the Nox A1 device to a computer you need to access the USB connector on the device. The USB connector is placed under the battery lid. To open the battery lid, press with the lid key (accompanying the system) and slide the battery lid down, towards the bottom of the device. Connect the device to a computer with the USB cable.


2.2.2 - Configure Device

Noxturnal automatically detects the device within 2-4 seconds. If the device is not detected try re-connecting the device. The Nox A1 device should be displayed on the recording page showing the devices status, firmware and serial number. Click Configure Device


A Nox A1 Configuration Wizard will appear. Select a Recording type from the drop-down list. The recording types available are the built-in ones from the software. The recording types define what channel configuration is used on the device (what device profile) and what auxiliary devices are used in the recording. The sensor setup chosen in the recording type is displayed on the patient on the image. To create a custom Recording type follow the instructions here.

Also, type in the applicable oximeter BDA address (this needs to be done only once, the Nox A1 recorder will remember "its" particular oximeter), then click Next >

Schedule Recording

Here you select, if it's a manually started recording or a automatic scheduled recording. Also, select the duration time for the recording. Then click Next>

Patient Information

Add Patient Information and click Finish

The device is now ready to record. Please make sure to use the type of battery, which was defined in the Device Profile. After configuring using the Noxturnal software and hooking up the patient it is recommended to use the Noxturnal App to connect to the Nox A1 device to do signal check-up and biocalibration.

Step 3 - Download and Analyze

After a night of recording the device needs to be connected to the computer and downloaded. 

The device should be displayed on the recording page with the Status: Ready to Download

Click Download Recording

The recording will start to download and the status of the download is displayed as below

After the recording has been downloaded the automatic analysis defined by the configured recording type is performed.

When the recording has been successfully downloaded and analyzed this message will appear

Summary of the analysis results are displayed on the front page and indicators for sleep parameters displayed both visually, with colors, and numbers. The sleep parameters displayed depend on the configuration of the Nox A1 device (which recording types and device profiles are used) and can vary from the image below.

Further analysis of individual signals can be done by clicking on the signal tabs that are available from the signal overview page.

More information about functions within the Noxturnal Workspace can be found on the Noxturnal support site

For further information please contact  




*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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