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New and improved Nox Clip Straps from September 2016


New and improved Nox Clip Straps (56 90 13) are now being shipped with the Nox T3 Device (56 10 10), Nox T3 System (51 10 10) and the Nox Service Kit (56 90 10). The improved design is to prevent the clips from breaking at the clips junction. 


The Nox Clip Straps are attached to the Nox T3 Device and the clips are intended to snap to the patient's shirt in order to attach the device to the patient:


Following is a picture of the old clips vs. the new design. You can see the difference in the design at the conjunction of the clips where the new design is more robust and should prevent the clips from breaking. 



A link to a video tutorial for how to attach a Nox Clip Strap to the Nox T3 Device can be found here



For most users there is no need to do anything unless you have broken clips you need to replace, then you can order the new ones under the same reference number as before (56 90 13).

For further information please contact  

                                                                                                                        Rev. 001                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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