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How does the automatic sleep staging work when using fewer EEG leads

The Noxturnal software has a built in sleep staging scorer that automatically analyses the EEG signals from the Nox A1 device and automatically detects sleep stages and arousals. The Noxturnal software uses input from all available EEG channels that are configured on the Nox A1 device for the sleep scoring. The image below shows the channels that are used during a regular PSG setup.

In some cases the users want to do a recording with fewer EEG leads. The sleep scoring algorithm is trained on the C3 / C4 / O2 / O1 channels. To get the best results possible with fewer leads is to have these channels included when doing a fewer lead EEG recording. The user can of course use fever or even other EEG channels but the accuracy will be lower. Those claims are for both sleep staging and arousal detection.

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