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How to create custom recording types and device profiles for Nox T3/T3s

Learn how to use the Recording Types and Device Profiles in Noxturnal. 

In Noxturnal 5 the concept of Recording Types and Device Profiles was introduced that replaced the previously used Recording Templates and the Automation Settings in Noxturnal 4 and below. The Device Profiles and Recording Types can be found under the Devices tab in Noxturnal.

Device Profiles define:

  • What channels are configured on the Nox T3/T3s recorder
  • What type of battery is used during the recording 

Recording types define:

  • What device profile is used for the Nox T3/T3s recorder
  • What auxiliary devices are used in the recording
  • What analysis is performed when the recording is downloaded
  • What report is opened after the analysis has been performed
  • What workspace layout is present to the user after downloading and analyzing

Noxturnal has default recording types and device profiles and below it will be demonstrated how to create a custom device profile and a custom recording type.

Step 1 - Device Profiles

The most efficient way is to start doing the device profile which can then be implemented when the custom recording type is created.

Navigate to Devices > Device Profiles on the menu bar

The Manage Device Profiles dialog is opened with the default device profiles

Click New

Select Nox T3 (ambulatory) from the drop-down list and click OK

1. Profile

Name the Device Profile and give it a description.

Click Next

2. Device Configuration

On this page, the user can customize the device settings by selecting the configuration to be used for the Nox T3/T3s recorder. Sensor placement is changed on the patient to the left as the configuration is changed.

Click Next

3. Battery Type

Select the type of battery that will be used in the recorder.

Click Finish

The new Device Profile has been added to the list of available Device Profiles for Nox T3/T3s

Step 2 - Create a Recording Type

Navigate to Devices > Recording Types on the menu bar

The Recording Types dialog is opened with the default Recording Types

Click New

Select Nox T3 (ambulatory) from the drop down list and click OK

In this page the user can:

  • Give it a name
  • Add description (the description can be visible when hovering over the information button when configuring a T3 recording)
  • Choose a workspace layout
  • Select analysis to be performed and report to be opened
  • Add Auxiliary devices to be used in the recording
  • Select the required device profiles on the devices which have such options (e.g for Nox A1 the user should be able to add the custom one from step 1)

Make the arrangement you want and click OK

The new Recording Type has been added to the list of available Recording Types for Nox T3

The new recording type should be available in step 3.1 of the Noxturnal Quick Startup Guide


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*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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