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Noxturnal and HL7

In Noxturnal it is possible to enable a data exchange interface that can gather patient data from an integration engine that is able to read HL7 messages as long as the patient data is presented by the integration engine in a database.

Instructions on how to use the data exchange interface can be found here.

Noxturnal uses the patient information to schedule, record and review (score) a recording. After scoring the recording the results (pdf reports and xml files) are exported to a defined output location (see instructions). Some modification is needed from the hospital IT department in order to transfer the published data from the Noxturnal back to the integration engine that will be able to translate the message using HL7 back into the HIS.

Summary: Noxturnal neither receives nor returns any HL7 communication. Noxturnal only communicates with integration engines that are able to interpret and send HL7 messages.

HIS to Noxturnal: As long as such integration engine presents its data into a database Noxturnal will be able to read the information from that patient database.

Noxturnal to HIS: After processing the information (done while recording and scoring) Noxturnal can publish the reports (pdf) and selected parameters (exported in xml) to a specific location (defined in Noxturnal). The IT of the hospital needs to ensure reading the Noxturnal result data back to the integration engine, creating the final HL7 message and send the information to the hospital database.  However it is always the hospitals decision on how they want to process the data after it has been exported by Noxturnal.


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