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Nox A1 Ambulatory - Nonin RespSense Setup

The Nonin RespSense has a serial output on the side. It is possible to connect a W7 Link - R connector to send the serial data via Bluetooth® technology to the Nox A1 recorder.

The setup image for the Nonin RespSense can be seen below:

The following items are needed in order to setup the connection:

  • Nonin RespSense
  • Nox W7 Link-R Kit (Nox Ref: 54 40 11) which contains:
  •     Nox W7 Link
  •     Null Modem (Gender Changer)
  •     Nox W7 Power adapter with a Nox mini USB cable 

When you configure the Nox A1 ambulatory recording you need to make sure that the Nonin RespSense is defined in the recording type. If the setup is correct the configure device window should look like this:

Fill in the Bluetooth device address (BDA) for the Nonin 3150 oximeter and the W7 Link - R (BDA is found on the back of both devices). Finish the device configuration and the device should be ready to record.

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