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Nox A1 Testing Device Functions

This article includes instructions on how to inspect the Nox A1 System to determine if there is a failure with the device. The tests described cover most of the Nox A1 functionality. 

Equipment needed

  • Noxturnal App
  • Noxturnal Software
  • Nox C1
  • Proxy Connector Bundle (10kOhm)
  • Nonin 3150 Oximeter
  • Nox RIP Belt

Signal Check

This test ensures that the signals in the Nox A1 are of satisfactory quality.

  1. Put a fresh battery in the Nox A1
  2. Connect the Proxy Connector Bundle with the 10kOhm to the Nox A1. A1TestSetupFile01.png
  3. Turn on the Nox A1 and open the Noxturnal App in the tablet. Make sure the tablet is in Ambulatory mode.
  4. Press the refresh button in the Noxturnal App until you see the serial number of the device you are testing.
  5. Find the correct serial number in the list after refreshing, sometimes you need to refresh twice for it to appear. Press ok if the „No patient configuration warning appears“.
  6. Select the Config tab in the App:
    • Select Standard PSG (ambulatory) as a Recording type
    • Select Oximeter Bluetooth Address and type in the BDA number of the Nonin Oximeter you have at hand.
  7. Select the Sensors tab and Save changes if prompted.
  8. Review all the signals as explained below.
    • Oximeter: Put the finger in the sensor and check the Bluetooth connection. Wrist Ox should display Green (could take a while waiting for the connection)
    • EEG Signals: Head EEG should display Yellow
    • EMG Signals: Chins (Right, Front and Left), EMG Tibialis (Right and Left) and ECG should display Yellow A1TestSetupFile02.png
    • Thorax RIP Signal: Snap Nox RIP Belts to the Thorax Channels. Thorax RIP should display Green. A1TestSetupFile03.pngA1TestSetupFile04.png
    • Abdomen RIP Signal: Snap Nox RIP Belts to the Abdomen Channels. Abdomen RIP should display Green. A1TestSetupFile05.pngA1TestSetupFile06.png
  9. Select the Sensor List and Start the impedance check. All the EEG signals should be 10±3 kΩ.A1TestSetupFile07.png

Online Recording and Testing

This test ensures that online recordings work as expected.

Online Night Recording

Recording setup

  1. Put a full/fresh battery in the Nox A1, connect a proxy connector bundle with the 10kOhm to the Nox A1.
  2. Open Noxturnal. Setup an online room with a Nox C1 Access Point and the Nox A1 device.  For instructions on how to do that, please see the instructions for Nox  C1 setup  and Nox A1 setup on Nox Medical’s  support site.
  3. From the recording tab select Configure Recording. Use the Standard PSG with Nox C1 recording type.2018-12-11_1048.png2018-12-11_1050.png
  4. Select Next > and use the serial number of the device as the patient name.2018-12-11_1052.png
  5. Then press Start Recording. Noxturnal will search and find the device and after connection the recording will start.
  6. Open a new Empty Sheet: A1TestSetupFile08.png
  7. Select the E2, E1, F4, F3, C4, C3, O2, O1, M2 and M1 signals and Scale All: A1TestSetupFile09.png
  8. Make sure that no signal is flat

The recording must run for at least 6 hours.

Reviewing online recording

  • Make sure that the recording was running for at least 6 hours and didn’t stop unexpectedly during this time.
  • Only the first 6 hours of the recording should be analyzed.
  • There should be no gaps that go through all traces at a time in the recording (See picture below).
  • All the signals need to be visible throughout the recording.
  • Microgaps are allowed (See picture below). Microgaps last no longer than 1 second and appear spontaneously in individual traces. A1TestSetupFile10.png

If any of the reviewed items are suspicious please consult with to see if the unit might be faulty.

Timed Scheduling Test

This test is to ensure that the scheduling feature works as expected.

  1. Connect the Nox A1 to a PC via USB and open Noxturnal.
  2. Select Recording Types
  3. Choose Standard PSG as Recording Type and select edit…
    • Add BDA: as 11:11:11:11:11:11
    • Press Next>
    • Select Start Recording At:. Set the Start time at least a few minutes in the future.
    • Set duration as 0,1 Hours and press Next.
    • A1TestSetupFile11.png
  4. Name the Recording as the device’s serial number. Press Finish and then Ok
  5. Disconnect the USB and insert a battery into the device, turn it on and the screen should show a countdown to the scheduled test. After the test starts you should see the recording duration. After the recording is finished, connect the Nox A1 to USB and review the recording in Noxturnal. If the test is 6 minutes and all signals present then the test has passed. A1TestSetupFile12.png


After following the steps above you will have ensured that the Nox A1 device is fully functioning as expected. If the device fails in any of the checks explained above the unit might be faulty and require servicing by Nox Medical. In those cases, please send an e-mail to for further instructions.


LBL-0073 Rev01


*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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