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Using Drop-down Selections with Noxturnal Reports


This guide is intended as a step-by-step upgrade instruction for users to add drop-down selections within Noxturnal Reports.

Step 1 - Create a Report in Noxturnal

Create a report as usual in the Report Manager. You can insert field codes as needed.


Leave a space where the dropdown list will be inserted later.


Save the report and close. Open the Report Manager again, and click to go to the “User Reports”


Step 2 - Open the saved report in Microsoft Word

Double click on the saved report to open it in Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word Developer

To enable the "Developer" tab in Microsoft Word go to File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon and check the Developer box


Click on "OK" and you should see the Developer tab in the Ribbon.

Click on the “Developer” option and place the cursor in the space that was saved earlier for the drop-down.

Click on the “Drop-down List Content Control”



A Drop-down box will be inserted in the selected space. Next, select “Properties”


The Properties box will open. Click on “Add” and type in desired field values.


Click on “Add” as many times as needed to enter all of the desired values. A Title may also be entered. Click “OK” to close.


The Title and drop-down options will now show in the report. Save and close the report in Microsoft Word.


Step 3 - Run the saved report in Noxturnal

The Report may now be run in Noxturnal. When generated, the drop-down options will be available for selection.


LBL-0202 Rev 001


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