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Using a Nox W7-Link

The Nox W7-Link is a Bluetooth adapter that enables wireless communication between selected auxiliary medical devices and Nox recorders during ambulatory studies.

Three different Nox W7-Links are available:

  1. Nox W7-Link A connects to:
  • ResMed™ AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 (requires Air10 serial adapter / PN 37356)
  1. Nox W7-Link R connects to:
  • ResMed S9 (requires S9 Embletta adapter / PN 36955)
  • Radiometer™ TCM4, TCMCombiM, TCM40, TCM TOSCA (requires Radiometer extension cable, available from Radiometer authorised distributors)
  • Nonin™ RespSense
  1. Nox W7-Link S connects to:
  • SenTec™ Digital Monitor System (SDMS)

Contents of the Nox W7-Link kit:

  • Nox W7-Link
  • Power adapter (US and EU adapter) and USB/mini-USB cable
  • DB9 male to male mini null modem
  • Instruction leaflet

Configuration in Noxturnal:


To use a Nox W7-Link, you must create a specific recording type.

In Noxturnal, open Devices > Recording Types and create a new Nox T3 or Nox A1 ambulatory recording type. Use the left column to add devices, including the auxiliary device you want to connect with the Nox W7-Link. Save this newly created recording type by clicking on OK.

When configuring an ambulatory study, select the appropriate recording type.

If using the Nox T3, type the 9-digit serial number found on the label of the Nox W7-Link.

If using the Nox A1, type the 12-digit BDA number found on the label of the Nox W7-Link.

Physical setup:

Power the Nox W7-Link using the power supply provided in the Nox W7-Link kit.

Starting an ambulatory study:

Turn on the auxiliary device. Turn on the Nox recorder if you selected a manual start or wait for the device to start automatically if you selected a scheduled start.

There are two LEDS on the Nox W7-Link, one blue and one green. During the recording, both should be blinking. Refer to the following table for LED status.

LBL-0065 REV3

*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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