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Noxturnal App 1.3.1 - Release Information, Recommendations and Known Issues



Since the release of the Noxturnal  App 1.3.1, the Nox Medical Product- and Marketing team has received feedback about the performance of the product in the field. This document is intended to help explain what is required for an improved user experience.

Tablet Recommendations for Noxturnal App 1.3.1

The new version of the Noxturnal App is different from the previous release (1.2.1) and the main difference is the possibility of connecting via Bluetooth 5 technology as the Nox A1s uses.

This design change has put more strain on the technical capabilities of the Android tablet that is used and unfortunately, many users report that the tablet is non-functional, slow, and does not work as expected.

However, the issue is not software related as there are Android tables that are technically capable of running version 1.3.1 of the app and those are recommended and listed below:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • Lenovo Tab K10
  • NEC Lavie T11

It is our intention to expand the list of recommended tablets and we therefore highly appreciate any positive user feedback, especially related to the Bluetooth connectivity between the Noxturnal App and Tablet to the Nox A1/Nox A1s. Based on positive user feedback and related internal testing, additional tablets will be included in the recommendation list which will expand with time.

Troubleshooting the Noxturnal App 1.3.1

In case of an unsuccessful connection to the Noxturnal App, the following troubleshooting steps are recommended.

  1. Close any other Apps that are using Bluetooth connection
  2. Following step 1, it is often sufficient to close the Noxturnal App on the tablet by performing a forced stop of the application.
  3. If step 2 has not already resolved the issue, restart the Bluetooth connection on the tablet by turning it off and then back on again.
  4. Reboot the tablet

Location Permission

When the app is used for the first time a pop-up window is displayed that asks permission to access the device's location. For the app to function properly this permission must be granted. The app must have access to the device's location while using the app


This permission is a requirement from Google and has little to do with the Noxturnal app. This permission is necessary to make sure the user understands that his location is discoverable while Bluetooth is turned on.

If the location permission was not granted when the app was first installed it might be necessary to re-install the app and allow access to the location services while using the app.


Known issues with the Noxturnal App 1.3.1

Following the release and initial use of the Noxturnal App 1.3.1, which is compatible with the Nox A1s, a few issues and (if relevant) appropriate workarounds need to be listed.

  1. Custom Bio-calibration created in Noxturnal (user mode) is not reflected in Noxturnal App.
  • The workaround is to create the custom Bio-calibration in Admin mode. That way the Noxturnal App will correctly display the bio-calibration during study preparation.
  1. The signal check on the Noxturnal app does not show whether the flow sensors are connected on the Sensor page during online studies.
  • The workaround is to navigate to the Traces in the signals page and see if they are connected as expected.

The two issues above (1 & 2) have been placed on the product backlog and will be addressed in upcoming development cycles.

  1. Issues with impedance check when Nox A1s is not fully hooked-up
  • In order to get an accurate impedance value measured it is required to have the patient ground and the two reference electrodes hooked up while the impedance measurement is carried out to get an accurate reading. This requirement is by design for the calculations to work.

Downgrading to the previous version of the Noxturnal App (

In case a user has upgraded the Noxturnal App to 1.3.1 but is not happy with the product performance of the device after the upgrade and is not using the Nox A1s, it is possible to downgrade again to the previous version 1.2.1.

The user needs to uninstall the current Noxturnal App and manually install the version which can be accessed below:


Via Dropbox

Via Watchdox


For further information please reach out to us via


*Please note that not all features or all products are available in all markets. Our products are medical devices and subject to registration/approval in each market area. For more information on product availability please contact

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