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Nox T3 Troubleshooting Summary

It is best practice to start the troubleshooting by charging the Nox T3 device overnight, reset the device (att. recordings will be lost) and update firmware to latest version.

  1. Overnight charging
    If a Nox T3 device has not been used for a couple of months or longer, it is good practice to charge the device overnight by plugging it into a computer with an USB connector.
  2. Reset the device
    Old files can get 'stuck' in the device's memory. By resetting, all files will be deleted (att. also recording).
  3. Update firmware to the latest version
    Old firmware can have an issue that is resolved in a newer version.

In order to confirm individual functions of the Nox T3 device, it is recommended to create a test-setup file and do a desktop test on the device. See article here.

Further troubleshooting

Below are some of the issues that have been helpful in general troubleshooting of the Nox T3 system.

Repair the file system
Sometimes it can happen that the file system, like on all flash drive products, gets corrupted. This can occur when the Nox-T3 device is unplugged from the computer without being ejected first or a study was started on an empty battery. When this happens you need to repair the file system to recover your study.

Reset the device
If your having problems with configuring or downloading from the Nox T3 or the computer doesn't recognize it, it can be necessary to reset the device. This is usually done after having tried to repair the file system and that didn't prove useful.

Pairing troubleshooting
If for some reason the Nox T3 and the Nonin 3150 Oximeter fail to pair, these troubleshooting tips might help.

Re-license device
If device stops recording after 10 minutes, it needs to be re-licensed. 

Internal log file
This article describes how to access the internal log from the Nox T3 device.

Event log
This article describes in detail what information can be accessed via the event log of the device.  

RTC battery / Internal clock
If a device fails to start at scheduled time it is possible that the RTC battery needs charging. The RTC battery is the internal clock of the device. 

Oximeter unresponsive
Issues with turning the oximeter ON?

Unresponsive Nox T3
Issues with turning the Nox T3 device ON?

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In cases where the device needs to be sent in for service, please contact and receive a RMA number to send the device in on.


LBL-0077 Rev 01

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